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Genetic Testing:

All our adult dogs are genetic tested by Embark and Pawprints before they are bred. They have been tested for all four basset hound issues: Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (Basset Hound Type), Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease, X-Linked (Basset Hound Type),and Thrombopathia (Basset Hound Type) and we recently have tested for the newest Lafora Disease.

Every puppy will be checked by our vet before they leave and come with a health report from the vet. They also will have 30 days of free insurance that we provide at no additional cost to the buyers through Trupanion. If that insurance is not activated within 24 hours of receiving your puppy our health guarantee is voided. Each puppy will be provided one months dosage of Heartgaurd, that prevents heartworms and treats and controls round and hookworms, as well one months dosage of Nexguard flea and tick medicine. Both should be started when you get home with your puppy.

We guarantee puppies to be free from life-threatening congenital disorders up until puppy reaches one year of age. Any medical condition must be proven and documented by two licensed veterinarians at buyers expense. With our genetic testing and through vet check there should be no issues.

Every effort has been made by the breeder to assure that the puppy is healthy when it is delivered to the buyer. We will not accept any responsibility for reactions to vaccines/medications, flea and tick preparations, or disorders caused by environmental factors, allergies, thyroid, autoimmune diseases, or parasitic issues that arise.

We guarantees the puppy against fatal viruses for 72 hours. These include distemper and parvo. The buyer must agree to not place puppy in any public areas and grounds including but not limited to, dog parks, pet stores, on the floor at the vets or any other place other dogs have been until all puppy shots have been complete. This is for your puppy's safety against deadly germs.

If your puppy is found to have any life threatening or genetic defects, you must notify us immediately and provide us with written veterinarian’s statement that includes the complete diagnosis of the puppy’s condition within twenty-four (24) hours of diagnosis. We reserve the right to have the diagnosis verified by our personal veterinarian or veterinarian of our choice and/or require you to have specific test run on the puppy to verify the diagnosis. We do not offer refunds, or partial refunds, but will replace the puppy with another of equal value. If the puppy is replaced, it will be replaced with one of equal value as soon as one becomes available and only after the puppy and all papers have been returned (in satisfactory condition) to us. Should you put the puppy down or refuse to return the guarantee is void. You are responsible for providing all transportation and transportation related costs of the puppy or puppies.

This guarantee does NOT include giardia, coccidia and kennel cough which are caused by bacteria and can be brought on by stress and is not life-threatening.

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