About Basset Hounds

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About Basset Hounds

The Basset Hound is a short, relatively heavy dog. The head is large and well-proportioned with a rounded skull. The muzzle is deep and heavy with the length being greater than the width at the brow. The brown eyes have a soft, sad look to them and are slightly sunken with a prominent haw. The darkly pigmented lips have loose hanging flews and the dewlap is very pronounced. The skin hangs loose like elastic and falls in folds on the head. The velvety ears are set low and extremely long hanging toward the ground. The large teeth meet in either a scissors or even bite. The chest is very deep, extending in front of the front legs. The dog’s hindquarters are very full and round. The paws are big. The dewclaws may be removed. The coat is dense, short, hard and shiny. There are no rules concerning color, but it is usually black, tan, white, red, or white with chestnut or sand-colored markings.

Temperament & Adaptability

The Basset Hound is sweet, gentle, devoted, peaceful and naturally well-behaved. It fits into family life well. Its temperament should always be friendly, and never vicious, moody or harsh, and would only become so if the owners lead the dog to believe he is pack leader over humans. It is mild but not timid; very affectionate with its master and friendly with children. It can be a bit stubborn with meek owners and needs a firm, confident, and consistent owner who displays natural authority over the dog. Dogs need to know the rules of the house and have the humans stick to them. Bassets like to do tricks for food. They have a deep musical bark. Housebreaking is difficult, but they do well with patient, gentle training. With proper training, they are obedient, but when they pick up an interesting smell, it's sometimes hard to get their attention, as they like to follow their noses and may not even hear you calling them back. Only allow your Basset off lead in safe areas.

Living Conditions

The Basset Hound will do okay in an apartment. They are very inactive indoors but outdoors they will run for hours in play if given the chance. They will do okay without a yard, but should be given plenty of opportunities to run and play to keep healthy and trim. To keep the Basset Hound healthy, it should be given plenty of exercise, including a long daily walk to keep the dog mentally stable, but discourage it from jumping and stressing the front legs. This breed will run and play by the hour when given the chance. Because of their keen noses they tend to roam when they pick up a scent. Take care when off lead that the dog is in a safe area. When they pick up a scent they may not even hear you calling them back as their complete focus will be on finding the critter at the other end.


The smooth, shorthaired coat is easy to groom. Comb and brush with a firm bristle brush, and shampoo only when necessary. Wipe under the ears every week and trim toenails regularly. This breed is a constant shedder.

Puppy Training

We raise our puppies on a strict PUPPY IMPRINTING training method which includes: At four weeks introduce a puppy litterbox; at six weeks move litterbox outside petdoor; and at eight weeks introducing a handful of litter on the ground teaches puppy to go to that spot for potty. We give the first bath and clip toenails at 21 days, and every week after that. At six weeks our puppies take their first car ride. At eight weeks we introduce other pets including cats. We have found that these steps all lead to a well adjusted puppy. You should have a plan in place to continue your pug puppie's training process.

Is the puppy up-to-date on vaccinations?

Yes! We will provide you your puppy’s health and wellness records from the veterinarian. We will also let you know when your puppy will be due for additional vaccines.

What food can i expect to feed my puppy?

We are feeding our adult males and females Royal Canin Small Adult dry food. We are feeding our puppies and nursing mom's Royal Canin Small Puppy dry food.

Will our puppy get along with our lifestyle? (Kids, house, yard, other pets)

Picking the perfect puppy is an important decision. Different breeds are suited to different lifestyles. Here are a few things to take into consideration: exercise needs, grooming needs, age of family members, and what activities you want to do with your puppy. For example, if you work out of the home, live in a city high-rise apartment or condo, perhaps you would prefer a dog with low exercise requirements. If you have small children, making sure that you bring a puppy home that is sturdy and well-adjusted will allow your children to enjoy their puppy into their maturity. Puppies can be brought into homes with children as long as they are introduced gradually and firm rules are placed on behavior that will be allowed -- for both the puppy and the other family members. Giving your new puppy its own crate will give it a safe place to go in case other members of the family are too rambunctious or it just needs to nap. We give the same advice to owners of multiple pets who are thinking about bringing home another puppy.

Will my puppy be a show dog?

Many of our dogs are from show lines and most of our dogs have champion bloodlines. Our puppies are all good representatives of their breed, being sound in mind and body. We do not, however, sell our puppies as show prospects, as it takes a long time and a lot of training to guarantee a show dog. Any dog with the proper registry can be shown in the breed ring as long as it does not have any disqualifying faults, but dogs must conform to the parent club's breed standard. Few puppies born (even to show dogs!) achieve this. If you would like to show your puppy in obedience, agility, or therapy, they are certainly suited to this purpose. Some breeds are naturally more gifted in these areas, but with training and patience, showing your dog in "team sports" (those with the owner and dog working together) can be fun and rewarding for both of you. We strongly urge encourage you and your puppy to participate in Puppy classes. Please keep us informed of your successes! We love to hear about your achievements.

Do You Require A Contract? Are they Guaranteed?

Yes & Yes, We have a contract Prepared for each puppy that we sell, when full deposit is paid on the pup of your choice you will receive your contract. We Guarantee our pups for two years against any gentic defects. There is much more detail in the contract. Which a basic copy can be read on the Puppy Contract tab.

When should I take my puppy to the vet?

Before we send any puppy to their new home, we take them to our vet for what we call a "well baby check." This check ensures that your puppy is shipped to you without visible infirmities at the time they leave our home. With our health and genetic guarantee, we require you to take your puppy to the vet within three (3) business days of receiving your puppy. At this visit you will have the opportunity to get your own vet's check-up as well as review the vaccinations your puppy has already received and the ones it will need in the future. In order for our guarantees to be valid, you MUST take your puppy to your vet within three (3) business days of purchase.

Where should my puppy sleep?

There are a lot of different schools of thought regarding where your puppy should sleep. We strongly encourage you to provide a crate for your puppy to sleep in. By letting your puppy sleep in a crate, it allows your puppy to have a safe and private place for them, and you will have the knowledge that the puppy cannot roam or chew on dangerous or expensive items through the night. Make sure that your puppy has plenty of food, fresh water and exercise. His crate will soon become his own bed, and he will enjoy sleeping there when tired, even when the door is not shut. If you want your puppy to sleep in your bed, that is entirely up to you and whoever may already share your bed. There is no "right or wrong" answer however, as stated above, we do recommend that your puppy sleep in its own bed at least until they are housetrained and past the teething stage so that they do not get into trouble while they are unsupervised.

Are all your dogs pure bred?

Yes! All our pups are to 100% pure bred and we can provide you with a 4-7 generation pedigree for each dog! We adore this beautiful breed and would never cross-breed to achieve one of these "designer-breeds"

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