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basset hound puppies for sale


We get asked a lot of times: Is it possible to ship my puppy? We will provide transportation for your puppy if needed, We handle all delivery arrangements and details. Shipping is available within the United States only, our puppies will be delivered by a USDA-licensed pet transport nanny service. Our basset hound puppies for sale are being delivered considering the least amount of stress possible so as to ensure peace of mind to the purchaser as our basset hound puppies are well taken care of by pet nannies, shipping a puppy is safe and comfortable, don’t get mad when you hear a puppy can be shipped to you, shipping pets is usually safe and every airlines taking live animals have procedures in place to be sure they arrive in good health. We personally hand deliver all our basset hound puppies for sale to the new families. However, when unable to proceed due to tired schedules we have ability to use Pet Nanny services to deliver our basset hound puppies.
Shipping is an additional cost to buyer of $200.00-$500.00 depending on airport destination and flight availability. The sooner transport is booked the cheaper this fee is. This fee Covers cost of Airline Ticket and all Veterinary/Airline company certifications needed to fly Via in cabin flight as we DO NOT ship via Cargo for ANY REASON.

Preparing for your basset hound Puppy

We believe that all puppies deserve an amazing family home that provides lots of cuddles, playtime, and an overwhelming amount of love. Before you bring your basset hound puppy home, a designated small and comfortable space should be selected where your basset hound Puppy can spend at least the first one to two weeks, until they are comfortable to explore additional parts of your home. Basic necessities such as food, water, and litter box are also needed. We always send your puppy home with a Quart-size bag of Royal Canin puppy dry food, the same dry food that is fed at our home.

Available basset hound Puppies

See our available basset hound puppies for sale ready to be welcome into their forever homes.


Prices are subject to change depending on quality of the Puppy.

Basset hound Puppy price
Male: $600 - $1,500
Female: $650 - $1,500

Our basset hound Puppies come with;
Purchase Agreement
24-month Puppy Health Guarantee
DNA Genetics & Genome Test (Parents)
AKC or ACA Registration
OFA Certified (*Parents)
Favorite Toy
Puppy Care Package
​Lifetime support & guidance
Binder with Copy of Purchase Agreement
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

How much are basset hound puppies
How much do basset hound puppies cost